Texas Hold’em Strategies

Holdem: Playing the River

If you are still in the game at this point, you need to have a good hand. The river is the last card on the board when playing Texas Holdem at an online casino. If you are playing with prudent players, there is usually online 2 or 3 of you left in the game. Once the river card is dealt, your hand is complete, whether you want it to be or not. You can only wager based on your realized hand value now. When you make two pair it is usually the best hand. Just remember, if the river brings a third suited card when online gambling, be cautious – an opponent may have just drawn their flush. Also, if the pot is large, it is safer for you to call with the worst hand than it is to fold with the best hand. Overcalling demands a strong hand – enough to beat legitimate calling hands.

Holdem: Playing the Turn

The turn card is the 4th card dealt face up (community card). Some online casino players say that the turn plays itself. It is not as though you can just play this card on auto pilot, but you should pretty much be safe here – unless you were not supposed to stay in the game this far in the first place. If you are playing the turn, you should have a good hand at this point, a promising draw, or you believe you can bluff your to the pot. If you are bluffing (not recommended) you better know the player(s) you are up against. Don’t bluff bad players here when online gambling. To beat a bad player here you will have to show down the best hand.

Holdem: Playing the Flop

Fit or fold. This is what you have to figure out when playing the flop at an online casino. There are 3 basic ways a hand can fit during the flop. #1 – It improves your hand. #2 – The flop offers a draw that figures to pay off very nicely if you get it. #3 – You hold a big pair before the flop. When online gambling, during the flop, if you don’t improve to a big hand or a draw with a potentially high paying one – fold. The sooner the better, too.